Sunday, October 14, 2007

Negro Negro

Type casting yourself in your own play
Swearin everybody is racist
Swearin all the live long day

Tawana Brawley
Put ink to her skin
But ain't nobody pologized
They ain't even started to begin

They's painted there own churches
And tried to blame it on the man
But forgots it was the same color
As on the inside....another brilliant plan

The Jena 6 ought to be seven
At least according to Dr Phyl
But then that race traitor baitor
Has always made me kind of ill

Now we's got a professor
Claims there's a noose put on her door
Not that a neo com leftie
Would cheat to up the score

On the same ol lame game
Of I'm oppressed I'm oppressed
So it's my turns no matter what
And that's why I's the best

Negro Negro

Keep voting dimwit democrat
Like you're a rat in a maze
Buyin into rap crap and crack
Walkin round in a maze

Keep having babies out of wedlock
While teen age pregnancies are up
Keep workin Jesse Shakedown's plantation
Like he ain't rotten evil and corrupt

How's that Aids thing going
How's that droppin out of school
How about callin it speakin white
If it's not ebonics in a pool of drool

Negro Negro

Take your blame game down the block
Along with your empty impotent rage
It's all looking more than over played
And more than a little conveniently staged

8:32 pm
transcribed this time
11:20 am


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